Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

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  Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

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Conair Ww44y Weight Watchers Glass Scale

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Switch Jedinice 6. Zobrazenie 3. Mishandling can cause breakdown of the appliance. Only for domestic use. The appliance is not designed for industrial or commercial use. Do not expose the scale to shocking. Do not jump on the scale. Do not overload the scale. It is forbidden for use by persons with medical implants for example, with pacemakers. Otherwise, faulty operation of implants might occur.

Do not use during pregnancy.

  Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

Do not step on the scale if your feet or the scale surface are wet you might slip. Batteries may be life-threatening if swallowed. Store the batteries and the scale out of the reach of children. The person who swallowed a battery, should immediately consult a doctor.

Do not allow wrapping material getting into the hands of children choking hazard. It is forbidden to recharge or restore batteries in other manner, disassemble them, or throw into fire. Measuring body fat percentage and other parameters in children below 10 years of age may yield invalid results. Diagnostic scale may be used for simple weighing without determining water, body fat or muscle mass parameters in children of any age.

Minimum weighing limit is 2 kg. Unreliable results of measuring body water, body fat or muscle mass might occur in professional athletes, persons prone to oedema, persons with irregular leg-to-body ratio. The manufacturer shall reserve the right to introduce minor changes into the design of the scale, which do not affect its safety, performance capacity or functionality of the appliance.

The measurement of the percentage of different tissues occurs within seconds with electric current, which is not perceptible for a human, safe and harmless. It is important that during measurement you take into account the following: measurement of the body fat percentage must be performed only barefoot; it is advisable that you slightly moisturize the soles of your feet.

Absolutely dry soles might be the cause of an unsatisfactory result, as they possess extremely low electric conductivity. It can be explained from the physiological point of view. Operation of the diagnostic scale is based on the analysis of bioimpedance, which determines the amount of fat and water in muscle and bone tissues themselves.

Thus the variation of different parameters should be taken into account separately from each other, without summarizing the obtained results. Do not put the scale onto a carpet or soft surfaces. To ensure correct weight measurement it is advisable that the scale stand in the same place.

By moving the scale you risk putting it on an uneven surface, which might affect the correctness of your weight reading. To ensure correct weight measurement you need to weigh at the same time, without clothes or footwear, and before eating. To ensure precise weight measurement it is not recommended to weigh earlier than 2 hours after waking.

Step on the scale. Do not lean against anything, stand straight. Close the compartment. The scale is ready to operate. By default the scale is set to stones. There is a switch on the rear panel of the scale, for selecting kilos or pounds as units of measurement. Touch the scales with your foot to switch them on. Wait for some seconds until "0.

After weighing the scale shuts down automatically in 6 seconds without load.

  Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

After the data are displayed on the screen, the data will be reset in a few seconds and the screen will show 0. You may conduct the weighing again or start the weighing by setting a new user. Press 3 4 Next the screen will show male or female symbol. Confirm the selection by pressing SET button or select your gender by pressing buttons. Press SET to go to the next settings.

Similarly input the age parameters AGE years and the height parameters cm cm. Press SET button to confirm each parameter. After the last parameter has been confirmed height, cm , the screen will show 0. Your data have been saved. Next time you turn on the scale, the screen will display the parameters of the last user.

Stand still during the weighing so that the reading can get stable. Attention: your feet, calves, ankles or thighs should not touch each other during the weighing. Otherwise the weighing results may be incorrect. First the screen will display your weight, and then in a few seconds you will see the information on the percent share of the fat, water, muscle and bone mass in your body.

The scales can be used to calculate the body weight index. The body weight index is the value expressing the extent to which the body weight corresponds to the height. Using this value, you can determine indirectly whether your weight is insufficient, normal or excessive. Relation between body weight Body Mass Index and height 16 and below Severe underweight The body weight is insufficient Normal The body weight is excessive Obesity, grade I Obesity, grade II 40 and higher Obesity, grade III After the test you will see the calculation of your recommended daily caloric intake.

  Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

Daily caloric intake is the number of calories which are needed for performing normal activities and for the support of your body without the accumulation of extra weight. Switch it on again to restart the operation. If the error message does not disappear remove batteries from the battery compartment for 10 seconds, after that insert them again and switch on the appliance. The batteries are discharged, please, replace them with new ones.

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  Weight watchers bathroom scale error message

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